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The original aim of Capital Kids Cricket, when established in 1989, was to reverse the decline in cricket played at state schools across London. Since then, our charitable aims have expanded, but state school cricket remains at the heart of what we do.

Working closely with the Essex County Cricket Board, we run Chance to Shine coaching sessions in schools across the London Borough of Newham. On average, we provide coaching at 40 schools a year across Waltham Forest and Newham whilst providing a pathway between the schools and local clubs – a key element of the project as it allows children an opportunity to continue their cricketing journey beyond the school playground.

In addition to creating this link, we work closely with the teachers at the schools to teach them about the game and provide them with simple drills and session plans so that, once the Chance to Shine coaching has finished, they can continue to run cricket sessions at their schools.

We know from experience that providing this informal teacher training is vital for sustaining cricket in schools. At first, cricket can seem like a complex sport to teach and this sometimes puts teachers, particularly those who have little experience of the game, off running it in their school.

Through our regular coaching sessions, including those funded by Chance to Shine, we aim to breakdown this perception. At its core, school cricket is all about getting children active through running, catching, hitting and throwing a ball!

If you would like to learn more about our school programmes and are interested in having us deliver cricket sessions at your school please get in touch by emailing:

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